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Birthdate:Jan 1
Character name: Asher Talos

Canon: Blade: Trinity (Film & Novel). Asher arrives after being shot and killed at the end of the film by an arrow from Abigail Whistler's bow.

Age: 542 (38 as a human, 504 as a vampire)

Physical description: Stands at 5'11'' with a lean build, spiked blond hair and light amber newly blue eyes. On his right wrist, Asher has a tattoo of a vampire glyph which,when back home, served as both means of security clearance and identifying which vampire house he was associated with.


Upon Arrival
- one black with white pinstripe suit
- one dark maroon (nearly black) dress shirt
- one white tank top
- one pair of black socks
- one pair of black boxer briefs
- one pair of black leather dress boots
- one croc skin belt (brown strap, silver buckle
- one gold watch
- one gold ring with yellow-brown topaz stone
- one handgun, fully loaded
- one shoulder holster
- one black leather wallet (contents - three photo ID cards (fake), one social security card (fake), four credit cards, one photo of his sister, 200 dollars in cash.)
- one cellphone, fully charged
- one zippo lighter
- one pack of cigarettes all gone. woe.
- one silver tipped arrow

[[I do not own Asher Talos or Callum Keith Rennie (sadly) this journal is for RP use only at [info]the_blank_slate. Fun. Not reality. Don't sue me.]]

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